Cashbaugh, Brooks

Brooks Cashbaugh‘s work draws heavily from the mythology of the place he grew up in: America’s Midwest. He was born in South Bend, IN in 1985. He studied painting and political science at Indiana University. In his work, Cashbaugh combines models of Americana with intimate portraits in an attempt to locate humanity in America’s complicated mythology.  He lives and works in New York.

“My work depicts young people dressed up in the costumes of familiar figures as they struggle, ponder and question their surroundings in an effort to breathe new life into these tainted representations of Americana. Using a keyed-up CMYK palette, I paint with an energetic mark that seeks to rediscover the excitement of creating a hand-made image that can sit comfortably with the digital and photographic images that prevail in our era. The paintings begin in a place of abstraction, in love with vibrant colors and kinetic marks. These elements collect around familiar sights and details, working their way toward building recognizable representations that finally make sense as portraits of American landscapes and figures. It is through this that I strive to find something new in the familiar picture of America.” Brooks Cashbaugh

To order any of Brooks’s work please complete the form below stating Brooks Cashbaugh‘s name in the message area and I will contact you as soon as possible. Or call Judy Ferrara directly at 1-574-276-6001.

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