Elizabeth Coyne

By Alessandra Stamper




Stepping Out Into the Blue

Coyne’s linear abstract paintings are dark in tone, but her ability to depict light and create depth is striking. Her composition of lines throughout her paintings represents symbols that she constructs based on what she observes in the natural world, the connections she makes, and her relationship with her materials and her craft. Coyne sees her paintings as an amalgamation of all these things, as well as a synthesis of both her imagination and her perception. Furthermore, her work is about the nexus between our mind, our body, and the universe around us.


Swimming in the Forest

Painting serves as a meditative process for Coyne; as something that is so integral to her life and being. It is how she approaches life and moves through it. She describes her work as:

My paintings offer contemplation into life and into possibilities of existence. For me making art is about not only seeing and looking at the world around me- but also knowing that world and absorbing it.

Coyne is from Minnesota but has lived in New York since the early 80s. She received her MFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology and her B.A. from Purdue University. Coyne taught art at Williams College and worked with Thomas Krens who studied at Williams College and directed the Williams College Museum of Art before going on to serve as Director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation in New York City. She has also taught at the Chicago Art Institute. She has exhibited her work in New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Massachusetts, Vermont, Ohio, Germany, and Canada. Coyne has received awards from Architectural Digest and the Chicago Tribune, and her work is collected in public and private collections.

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