Beller, Valerie

Valerie Beller

[img src=]1620Untitled
oil on canvas, 48"x48"
[img src=]1250Salamanca
oil on canvas, 51"x52"
[img src=]930Untitled
oil on canvas, 40"x40"
[img src=]850
oil on canvas, 59"x60"
[img src=]830
oil on canvas, 60"x60"
[img src=]990Chameleon
oil on canvas, 30"x30"
[img src=]880Ibis
oil on canvas, 54"x54"
[img src=]970Shadow
oil on canvas, 48"x48"
[img src=]890Sparrow
oil on canvas, 32"x32"
[img src=]710Icarus
oil on canvas, 34"x32"
[img src=]760Enigma
oil on canvas, 60"x60"

Valerie Beller grew up in San Antonio, Texas and has always been creatively inclined in a variety of disciplines. As a child she mastered drawing, ballet, singing, and clarinet. She has had international exposure and became fluent in Spanish after living in Spain for a brief time. In 1987, she received her BA from Sarah Lawrence College, where she studied Art History and Painting. She also had the pleasure of doing an intensive summer program in Painting, Printmaking and Filmmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute. Beller received her MFA in 1991 from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and she currently lives and paints in Chicago.

It has been noted by viewers and critics that Beller’s work makes evocative connections between nature and science, the cosmic and the personal, and memory and the sublime. The range of mood, color and composition in her work reveals a depth of both painterly discipline and emotional acuity that resonates with viewers. For more analysis of her work, see Lisa Wainwright’s short essay.

Beller exhibits nationally, with her work being in over two hundred private and public collections across the United States.

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