Petrie, Philip

Philip Petrie

[img src=]2350Trophy
oil on linen, 2008, 14"x11"
[img src=]1960
[img src=]1430Elephant
oil on linen, 14"x18"
[img src=]1430
[img src=]1350Listening
oil on linen, 2008, 16"x12"
[img src=]1250Nature Study II
oil on linen, 18"x14"
[img src=]1170
[img src=]1160
[img src=]1140
[img src=]1110The Quickening
oil on linen, 2008, 16"x12"
[img src=]1080
[img src=]1120
[img src=]1030
[img src=]950Apparatus
Oil on linen, 14"x18"
[img src=]990Small Crucifixion
Oil on linen, 12"x16"
[img src=]940Small tree and Friends
oil on linen, 21"x17"
[img src=]940
[img src=]850Mask II
Oil on linen, 16"x12"
[img src=]890Green Tree II
oil on linen, 16"x12"

From one perspective Philip Petrie‘s paintings look like Earth viewed from above.  From another point of view they look like the maps of madness.  “I work automatically like the surrealists and the abstract expressionists,” the artist explains.   His paintings, all oil on canvas, intrigue the mind and delight the eye.  They have that rare combination of scholarship and humor.  “All Over the Map” refers in part to his eclectic style, but also to the fact that he has painted his way across the country, from Rhode Island, throughout the Midwest to California. Petrie further states “The forms I create are generally organic, coming from both nature and my inner self.”

–San Diego Expressive Arts Foundation


To order any of Philip’s work please complete the form below stating Philip Petrie‘s name in the message area and I will contact you as soon as possible. Or call Judy Ferrara directly at 1-574-276-6001.

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